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January 1, 2007

Resolution for this new year !!

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According to my plan, First week of this new year, I will decide resolutions about this new year ~!~ (Yeah, you would say, another plaaaaan from jigar!! but I like it (at least making plans 🙂

So, I will update this post for my resolutions for next year.. and I am thinking that I will try to follow them and improve upon things which I need to..

  • Career
      • Knowledge knowledge knowledge !! Increase it !!!
      • Develop master skills in the area, I am working in…
      • Complete MCSD certification
      • Get record breaking output at work in terms of customer satisfaction and resolution to problems
      • Develop managerial skills (to manage self and work load and after that managing other people)
      • Prepare project report on at least 2 things/technology in whole year which can be implemented as a product/company
      • Move couple of steps towards long term career plan. Evaluate progress every three months.
      • Become helpful to others at work.
  • Life
      • This year something very very important in life has to happen. Can not disclose it as of now, but will surely update my blog as it happens
      • Get control on anger
      • Become optimistic, happy and enjoy life more !!
      • Try to give happiness to the closest people (if not, at least take enough care not to hurt them in anyway)
      • Spend some part of earning in charity and give to them who really need it.
      • Take care of health; take enough sleep everyday.
      • Continue getting ownself away from drinking, smoking and eating non-veg.


  1. Nice to read your goals for career & life….all the best!!!!

    One more thing, get marry, if not marry, engage, keep your eyes open for right match!!!! all the best!!!!:-)

    Comment by hiral shah — January 2, 2007 @ 1:02 am

  2. Helo Jigar,
    Saw your comment on Agloco. Your demand for more info about viewbar is fair one. Before you, many agloco members have demanded the same. By the way veiwbar is likly to be launched next month. I am too an aglogo member. Let’s hope it works well. Right now I am building my agloco referal list. You too carry on building it.
    More over I went through your goals of this year. Nice. Try to beat your goal deallines.
    By the way apart from my traditional printing business, I am bulding my Amway Business in Part time. I guess you should also try your hand on this. If interested email me at amoindia@gmail.com
    bye for now.
    yours AMO

    Comment by Anonymous — January 2, 2007 @ 3:52 am

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