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May 13, 2007

Talking about What is a Trackback ?

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What is a Trackback ?

As Maddox puts it , trackback: It’s snob for "referrer."
But for msn space users here is more detail on what it is and how to make one…
You like the info or a story or any content of a Blog entry on someone else’s Space ?
Want it on yours?
Press the ‘Blog it’ Button at the End of his/Her’s Blog entry and MSN Spaces will make a new entry on your space with the Blog entry content of the individual whose work or words you Blogged with the ‘Blog it’ button.

Now its the person’s work and you must make a reference to him/her , or atleast let them know that you have taken thier work.This is done with the ‘blog it’ button which automatically tells the person that you have taken his blog entry onto yours.
On the New entry that MSN Spaces makes for you with the Content of the the person who you ‘Blog it’ed there will be a box with the URL of the person’s Blog entry.This is a TrackBack to the persons space/blog entry.

This will not show on the Blog you publish but it will come on the person’s Space that you have made a Trackback to his Blog on you space.

trackback has been made above >>
Well that it about Trackback or ‘Tracking back to a Blog entry’

Report any errors !

A d3vmax | hack msn spaces production

*Attach the link above if you are copying or track-backing this blog*

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