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August 31, 2007

Orkut Friendlist being organized..!!!

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Today, one good friday evening, I got an idea of organizing (organizing things is my THE MOST FAVORITE hobby..) my orkut friend-list.. and after completing this process, it looks something like this..

When I sat to organize each and every contacts in my orkut Friend-list, I came to know that there are few people whom I have not even seen, they are just friends to friends (I have put them in group, “Through Friend”.. and “Unknown Friends” is the group where I have listed people who has come to me by reading my blog or visiting some forums and so on.. It was a nice exercise, taken my 40 minutes..

Stay tuned.. Wave

My book shelf goes online..

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Yesterday, I came through a very good website, thanks to Vandana.. Planning to build a huge book catalog that I already have or I have read or I am planning to read.

Some of my already read books are as follows.. Interested, join yourself as well.

Need an invitation? Use following link..

Stay tuned.. Wave

August 29, 2007

Good news..

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Yes, today I got the good news which I had been waiting for from last one month.. At last hard work of entire last year has paid off.. I am happy today Happy

Stay tuned.. Wave

How would it be if, "Orkut has suggested friends feature.."

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How would it be, if orkut suggests new friends to us automatically.. According to what I have thought, we might find friends more faster.

Let me explain how this can be implemented. Lets take example of A, B, C, D, E four people.

Say for example I am A, I have B and C two friends added in my list. D is already added in friend-list of B and C both. E is added in C and D. I dont have D and E added in my friend list because I have not yet found them on orkut.. So, the thought is, orkut should suggest D as my friend on its own. You would be wondering how would orkut know that D might be my friend.. Orkut should make list of all common people, who are in friend-list of any x people (x can be 4-10, depends on the designer-usability survey). So, say I have my college group from which I have added four friends, but have not been able to add one other friend who is in friend-list of all those four friends, orkut can suggest me adding that guy as friend in my list which is really super cool, isn’t it? I know, this thought is difficult to explain, I have tried my best to do so, let me know if you have something to say..

Stay tuned.. Wave

August 28, 2007

Orkut getting new design..

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Just opened my orkut profile after a long time to get back to all scraps (including my birthday wish scraps!!), I noticed that orkut has got a new layout..

Get more details at,

Stay tuned.. Wave

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