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August 28, 2007

Orkut.. Orkut.. Orkut..

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I just got a chance to read a webpage where few orkut tricks were listed.. Thought should share it!! Enjoy..

  • Send Invisible Scrap

So, Friend’s welcome to the very first orkut trick.

Step1: Open scrapbook

Step2: Write [i] and submit it, an invisible scrap will b send

Note: Don’t Write Anything Else [i]

You can try these various combinations also if u want to send a big no of invisible scraps, as after your few submissions it will start displaying the message “message sent too recently”. So try these combinations out:













And just keep on increasing it will continue no limits…

One more method

Enter &#3021 no space b/w the symbol and number, blank scrap will be send.

  • Scrap Without name

For sending scraps without name follow the steps:

1) Open edit profile

2) Delete First and Second Name

3) Then on the first name text box type ALT + 0173 (i.e. Type 0173 while pressing the ALT key of your keyboard.)

4) Do the same in the Second Name Box.

5) Click Update.

Now you are done you can send scraps without your name 

  • Who Has Added U in There Crush List

To know who has added U in there Crush List, Follow the steps:

1) Add your friends in your crush list.

2) A message will arrive you from orkut in any of those have added you in their lists within five minutes.

3) After the use remove friends from crush list, so that if they try, they don’t catch you.

  • Send anonymous scrap

For sending a anonymous scrap, follow the steps:

Create a fake account.

Write the scraps to the person you want.

Delete the account.

Your scraps from the deleted account becomes anonymous

  • View Friends Scrap more Than the Limit

Step1: Open Friends scrapbook

Step2: Look in your address bar (i.e the place where u type http://www.mastitrain.com). You will see this address written


Step3: Add this code”&na=&nst=&nid=&pageSize=30″ at the end of the address. It will look like this


30 over specifies that you can view 30 scraps of the scrapbook you are looking into.

If u like our work Do Refer Your Friends so that we can continue

  • Orkut Magic Tricks

Simply copy and paste the links.

Worst Profile On Orkut


Best Profile


Best Album


Best Scrapbook


  • Stealth – Visit someone’s profile in invisible mode 

I was just view through one of the topics in a community when i found out that people didn’t know how to visit some some body’s profile without them knowing i was shocked.So idi decided to put it up for all of you

Just visit Settings section

Now check (tick/mark) on “disable profile visitors ”

save the settings

Now you can visit the profile without him knowing.As simple as that.

There is one small problem to this no only he will not come to know that you have visited his profile you will also not come to know who visited yours. So as soon as your work is over just uncheck it

  • To See All picture In Full Screen At atime

Use This CODE:

javascript:d=document.body.innerHTML; m=d.match


for(z=0;z<m.length;z++){g=new String(m[z]).replace(/milieu/gi,’album’);


(“<img src=”+g+” mce_src=”+g+”>”)};void(0)

*Method To Use*

Open Andbody’s Album You Want To See

Just Paste This CODE & (Press Enter)or(GO)

it works

  • Make urself invisible !!

Hey there .. ll i was thinking about it from past so long.. but it was really easy just d case it dint strike me..

however here i present dis flawless trick !!

in ur names(first and last)

hold “alt” n while holding it type 0160 4rm da number pads on da write sides..

type this thing in ur first as well as last name…u’ll get it


on the first and last name section

while holding down up button press enter +insert button together.

simply erase your picture n u are invisible now !!

whats say?

  • Delete your community Topic

You need to be the creator of the topic. You NEED NOT be the owner of the community.

Open the topic created by YOU.

Copy the following code and paste in the URL and click gooo button.


  • How old r u at orkut

U wanna no u are which member 2 join orkut ?

Right click on the profile photo and opt for ‘save image as’. You would see a number for your photo, that’s the orkut membership no.

Eg. You are 22,335,123.

Stay tuned.. Wave


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