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September 27, 2007

Pondicherry Pictures..

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Yeah, last weekend trip to pondicherry was awesome, a very refreshing one!!

Here are few pictures from which you can imagine how much fun we had!!

Stay tuned.. Wave

Call me!!

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September 25, 2007

Moola.com – A new concept of advertising..

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I came across moola.com which is something new in advertising space.. They show you advertisement (video ad..) and then enables you play game with network player in real time.. If you win, you get double the amount you already have in account!

Its really awesome! Worth giving a try.. Right now, its in beta stage and requires invitation for joining the program, you can get an invite for you here..

Get an invite

Happy playing..

Stay tuned.. Wave

Once again, Interviewer..

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Yeah, from today I am going to start with a new role (responsibility) @ MS. Going to start interviewing for various teams from today.

I remember, interviewing lots of people for GAYTES (oh my god, there were so many of them.. because of our advertisement on naukri.com!!)

I also remember, interviewing few people for our Delhi office at VARAHA in few of my last days there..

I think, in my career till now, I have taken more interviews than I have actually given.. (I dont know if this is good or bad Happy)

Anyways, Stay tuned.. Wave

September 21, 2007

Ready for the week-end !!!

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This weekend is not going to be like the last one (between the debugger and kernel.. oh!! my god..)!

This weekend, we (our Team here at Microsoft) are going to Pondicherry. Hope it will be a good weekend near the beach.. Winking

Will share photos once I am back!

Stay tuned.. Wave

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