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October 28, 2007

Kashi Congratulating Jigar Mehta

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Kashi Congratulating Jigar Mehta
Originally uploaded by anil_mahadev001

Picture taken during BDOTNET new website opening. BDOTNET is bangalore developers user group. They recognized few technical blog writers on http://bdotnet.in/blog.. Luckily, I was one of them 🙂

Stay tuned..

October 27, 2007

MS Bangalore Reception..

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Today, while coming back home, I was waiting for elevator.. and thought let me use the camera in my cellphone (which I hardly use Smile)

So, here is the Embassy Building, Microsoft, Bangalore reception view from outside!

Stay tuned.. Wave

Keeping up with comments section of any blog!

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It was just yesterday, that I was thinking to create a new "How would it be.." post on my blog with an idea of having feedback notification for blog comments. Because, the problem was when I leave a comment on anybody’s blog, and after some time somebody comes to that blog and looks at it, replies to it, I never know that my comment has been replied (this is a barrier in blog multi-party communication idea!). I have to manually keep track of all pages that I have added comment or subscribe to comment RSS (if its available!)..

And as usual I was leaving a comment on a blogspot blog, and found as always Google has just released this feature!! Take a look,

So, now, when you want to leave comment, dont worry about future replies on that comment, Just make sure you check the checkbox "EMail follow-up comments to …." so, everytime some new comment is added, you will get formatted subject email from Google (for which you can even create a filter as I have done and labelled it as "Comment Followups")

PS: Though other blogging platform has not added this yet, but I hope they will also do the same very soon (to make life simpler! Happy)

Stay tuned.. Wave

I am for BDOTNET.. Are you??

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We had opening of BDOTNET (India’s Largest and Most Active Microsoft User Group!!) new website (http://bdotnet.in) and had a meeting for that this weekend.

I wrote few blog articles for BDOTNET,

I will also continue writing technical articles for BDOTNET, that way I can share content with community (with the feeling of giving something back to community!)

So, The BDOTNET committee recognized few contributor and gave them a TShirt.. Happy. Here I am posting design of TShirt, take a look..

Update: Pictures for event are @,

Stay tuned.. Wave

October 16, 2007

Getting addicted to RSS.. Help me..

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Anybody has solution for this habituation? I am thinking, I am getting addicted to RSS reading.. When I get some time (be it 10 free minutes or some stretching time in my day, I open my RSS reader and start reading things there!!)

Here is what my Trendline shows..

There are pros and cons of this thing as well (if you think deeply)..

You can get up to date with what’s latest with the industry.Sitting on chair in your office, you can travel entire world.. You can increase your network in the industry. And most importantly knowledge. You never know which bit of knowledge will become useful in what situation. Ultimately, we all are knowledge workers.. Happy

Time.. time.. time.. The only cons I could think of is, TIME.. Sometimes we need to set proper priorities to tasks, and if this habituation comes in front of real task it creates the problem.

I am still finding my way between these pros and cons.. but I think its going good.. (except next few weeks, I know I am going to have hectic schedule having both of my team members on vacation..)

Stay tuned.. Wave

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