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February 17, 2008

How do I extract file from Virtual Hard-disk (VHD)?

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I use Virtual PC (Virtualization technology for that matter, I just love it) a lot in my daily life.. I have around about 120 GB worth of just Virtual Harddisks (for all common configuration starting from Windows 98 to Windows Longhorn Server (2008), I have a virtual harddisk configured on my machine… due to nature of my job, I need to be ready with any platform with everything installed!! Happy-Its the fun part actually)

So, this weekend was just like a normal one where I was using a virtual machine for some development.. I got significant achievement on what I wanted to do, before going to sleep I thought I would shutdown the VM.. I was feeling sleepy so, I did not check-in the latest code changes that I did (laziness, as they call it!!).. But immediately after I shutdown, for some reason, VM got restarted and gave me a prompt..


Immediately after watching this message, my sleep was gone. Because my first thought was it would be impossible to extract my code change from that massive (19 GB) VHD file.. I felt like being in a deep shit..

Started searching for an alternatives to get my data back in this emergency.. After making a coffee at sunday night (grrrrr..) I started research.. and I was lucky enough that I found WinImage (just like an angel for me!!)..

WinImage (though, not a free product) can open VHD files and let you extract the content (NTFS partitions are read-only, FAT32 it can even write into VHD!! Pretty impressive!!)

I extracted my project.. At least I got my data back.. Regarding VHD, fortunately I had taken a copy of this particular VHD on my laptop specially to work on it at home, just yesterday!! I think I have not lost much after getting today’s code change back.. I will check-in the code into CVS.. Though, I am yet to troubleshoot this particular issue, I will surely try to resolve it for some time.. but now, that I have got my projects out, even if I cant recover the VHD, I think I am safe.. Thanks WinImage..

What an experience on a Sunday (beginning of Monday)!! Happy

Stay tuned.. Wave


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