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February 20, 2008

Where are XP drivers for Dell Inspiron 1525 ??

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As you might have read in my previous blog post, I have installed Windows XP on the laptop, but immediately after installing XP, question comes, where are the drivers to make my Alps Touchpad, Integrated WebCam, Sound, Wireless Network, Ethernet and Graphics drivers??

I needed the drivers to make my devices work properly.. Started searching and found them at some forum!.

You can download them from here,

Audio Drivers (8 MB)

Card Reader Drivers (3 MB)

Chipset Drivers (2 MB)

Ethernet Drivers (1 MB)

Graphics Drivers (15 MB)

HMDI Drivers (17 MB)

Modem Drivers (2 MB)

Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for HD Audio (55 MB)

WLAN Drivers (50 MB)

Bluetooth Drivers (98 MB)

So, downloaded it (Thank god, my broadband was working fine without any driver!!) and installed on my system.

But after installing above drivers, I really struggled with touchpad and webcam performance. TouchPad was not working properly.. even if I am typing and not tapping on touchpad, still it was firing click event.. so, it was really annoying (even I started thinking, why did I take laptop!!!) but then I figured out that this is just XP problem (similar problem doesnt occur in Vista) so, it has to do with drivers.. And I did not have any interface by which I could configure webcam (I have got some advanced features in webcam like face tracking, brightness/contrast settings)..

So, I went to dell support site (I was ready to do an adventure by installing some other operating system driver on XP because dell website has not got any drivers for Windows XP as if they are telling everybody to use vista ONLY..

Anyways, so, I installed Vista version of TouchPad and WebCam drivers on my XP machine and rebooted, to my surprise both devices started working correctly.. Happy happy..

As per my observation, many a times, it just needs a different approach to solve the problem.. Happy (and here ends my first post from laptop!!, now Laptop has got blogging environment [WLW and few plugins which I cant live without!!] so, they will continue coming whenever I get some time..)

Stay tuned.. Wave


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