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March 13, 2008

Vacation knocking..

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I remember a holding at my campus saying,

“A vacation is something you take,
when you can’t take it any longer,
what you have been taking from a long time”

So, once again (after 6 long months!) its a VACATION TIME!! Today is my last working day before vacation, and will be off the work for next two weeks (three weekends actually!!).. Have flight tomorrow evening and by 10 PM I will reach my lovely home.

Not a big agenda this time, just wanted to meet family and have relaxed time from this hectic life.. (oh yeah, you dont believe?? Life is hectic when you stay alone!!)..

I have got to be lucky that launch of BAIL airport has been delayed by 1 month.. (if it may not have been delayed, I would have got landed there on second day of its operation and I know the status of facilities to reach back to home!! I was so frightened that I was about to rescheduled and got the news that launch has been delayed)

Anyways, now time to get back to work and finish off the remaining work and few customers hand-over..

Stay tuned.. Wave

March 1, 2008

Monthly Credit Update..

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I joined Seti@Home few days back.. All my machine has lots of idle computing power, thought why not just donate it for something good.. (at least till now, I have not found any major disadvantage in doing that.. Its safe, with all options configurable [about when you want it to start..])

So, have thought that every month, I will put my statistics about my contribution here..

Stay tuned.. Wave