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June 5, 2008

How to keep track of all your public photos with free Flickr Account?

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Flickr has been a buzz in online photos from some time! Till now, I had never got a chance to use it.. (Picasa and Live Gallery fan here!) But yesterday on advice of one of my friends, I tried using Flickr! I have free account for which I was not aware of limitations.. I started uploading my new photo collection (appx 300 photos)..

And what I found was, with free account you can have only most recent 200 photos on photostream (which is I think very bad)! Flickr also provides functionality of marking photos private which nobody except you can see.. Another kind of upload is public upload which is available to anybody in world. So, I was trying to find out a way to get rid of these 200 photo limitations.. While reading documentation, I found that all photos which I had uploaded (which may be more than 200) are still stored on flickr servers but its just that they are not shown!

One thing can be done to temporarily resolve this problem is, Get your public photo RSS stream and add it to google reader (I have added it to FriendFeed, my Flickr stream which friendfeed stores forever is at, http://friendfeed.com/jigarme?service=flickr). So, you can still find individual photo link and access to all comments for that photo even if that photo is not one of most recent 200 photos!

Though, I have still not been able to figure out how to keep track of Private photos like this! Review of service is almost very good except these free account limitations! They have got good social touch as well. But one has to understand it costs real money to host and serve these photos over Internet Happy So, they also have to have revenue model!

My PhotoStream (feel free to add me as your contact, if you wish),

Stay tuned.. Wave


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