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March 27, 2007

Why we entered IT..

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One of my buddy believes in following..

Top 7 reasons why we joined IT..

  1. I hated sleep
  2. I had enjoyed my life enough
  3. I couldn’t love without tension.
  4. I want to pay for my sins.
  5. I believed in Bhagwad Geeta : karma karo, phal ki ichha na karo..
  6. Everything in life has a reason; I wanted to prove it wrong. 
  7. I wanted to take revenge on myself



What do you think??


March 16, 2007

Gmail’s Updated Quotas

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Gmail’s quota will continue to increase in the following years. Google updated the code responsible for the storage counter from Gmail’s counter and revealed what to expect in the future:

2835 MB on April 1st 2007
2980 MB on April 1st 2008
3125 MB on April 1st 2009
3270 MB on April 1st 2010
3415 MB on April 1st 2011
3560 MB on April 1st 2012

As you can see, Gmail’s storage will increase with 145 MB a year (that’s almost 0.4 MB a day). Of course, if Google doesn’t change its mind.
On April 1st 2005, when Google announced the “Infinity+1” plan, the storage increased from 1 GB to 2 GB and, from that point, the growth rate was 3.456 MB a day. But from October 2005, the growth rate dropped to 0.33 MB a day.

March 14, 2007

Night at the museum

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Just watched Night at the museum yesterday, its a good movie.. A lot of fun in the first part.. but things are there to learn there too.. What I learnt from the movie is, once you take up on some task, you should not leave it until you finish it! No matter how much it takes to reach till the success. And what I liked the most in the movie is, the guy learns about the history by reading and studying.. even if it was not his subject, he did that! I liked that determination!! 🙂

The guide at museum, Rebecca (Carla Gugino) looks awesome.. pretty face 🙂

read more here,

March 11, 2007

Where is "Jigar Mehta" on search engines !!

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Sunday night at 1:30AM, I got “hat ke” thought in my miiiind..

Search for my name in different search engines!! (I know, “naam me kya rakha hai!! lol.. ) I think one can measure what he/she has achieved in terms of web presence by looking at these kinds of measures!

So, here’s how it goes..

So, I can proudly say, Yes, I am a blogger 🙂 Pl. throw your comments people, I will highly appreciate them!!

The "Ultimate Element" of Windows Vista

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The Windows Vista Ultimate Element

What do you say 🙂 ?

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