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December 28, 2007

IQ Test..

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Just before few minutes, I read an email from a colleague mentioning his IQ level number, and I did not know my IQ level.. I thought, its good time to do some research and find out for me as well. I also wanted to know what these number really mean!

I remember having it read somewhere, that Einstein’s IQ level was somewhere above 160 (he was called a super genius!)

Anyway, I did some research on IQTest and found a test at,

I took the test and got the report in EMail, I got rated at, 132.


I did not exactly know how should this be considered (though comparing it with my colleague, it was good and I know, I cant compare with Einstein.. Big Grin) So, I did some more research on the interpretation and found following data..

I am also going to take IQ test at Tickle (just to make sure, I am really at 132!) Anyways, time to get back to work!

Stay tuned.. Wave

Google Master Plan – The movie..

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The facts mentioned in the movie are really worth giving a thought!

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December 26, 2007

How would it be if, "Google reader enables comment posting from its interface!"

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Yeah, I know, post in ‘How would it be’ series after a long time!! Doesn’t mean I am not getting idea these days (ideas for productivity is something like, I get every now and then..) but its just not getting enough time to phrase them here!!

Anyways, back to the business.. I was probably the happiest person when Google Reader team enabled feature of sending a post in the email from within the Google Reader interface.

Now, what is needed is, you are reading some post in Google Reader and want to comment on the post! What we need to do is, open the post in separate page and add the comment. Wouldn’t it be cool if we can add comment (using our Google Profile!) to that post from within the Google Reader by similar interface? I am sure, people will interact more if that is the case.

I also understand that its not easy thing, but having OpenID propagating now, I think it can be done.. And Google can at least start with all Blogger blogs (I think that is 25-30% of my feeds!!)

Stay tuned.. Wave

December 25, 2007

Application Virtualization Platform by Microsoft

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I remember of seeing an awesome demo of Application Virtualization when I visited the conference at US in last august. I saw having all office versions running on a machine without installing any of them (with the help of Application Virtualization)

Basically, Microsoft acquired a company named SoftGrid, with the help of its product offering, MS has built on this technology.

I just found a very cool demo of “How it works” here,

Want to see it in action? Wait for Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP)

Stay tuned.. Wave

December 9, 2007

Bed eMails..

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Forget about Bed Tea.. I found the term Bed eMails today.. he he he.. I was just wondering if this habit is good or not.. but its been a while following it.. Everyday I wake up, before getting out of my bed, I drag the laptop from the desk and first, ‘CHECK EMAILS’.. Whats so important in there?? Not so much.. but still somehow I end up doing that daily… Its correctly said, "A Picture is worth a thousand words.."


Forgive me for a ghosty look.. I dint mean to scare you.. LOL.. Anyways, its just a random rambling, on a good sunday morning (what else can you expect from a bachelor staying alone !!)

Stay tuned.. Wave

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